Real Talk: Facts Matter


The truth is, gambling and gaming addiction are real and they can sneak up on you faster than you think.

But here’s the thing: awareness is key. Knowing the facts about gaming and gambling addiction can help you stay in control and protect yourself or others.

Curious about the warning signs of gambling and gaming addiction?



Think about it. You’re grinding away on your favorite game, suddenly, you realize hours have flown by. Or maybe you’re tempted to drop some serious cash on in-game purchases, only to regret it later when you’re broke.

This quiz can help you identify the signs and symptoms of problem gambling and gaming.

We’re proud to introduce the Phoenix as the CT Gambling and Gaming’s new Esports mascot! 

Want to be involved?



The Youth Gambling Awareness Project is an initiative sponsored by DMHAS PGS in partnership with CREC and supported by the CT Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG).

Youth across Connecticut are invited to participate in this project. Groups will receive training and support in developing public awareness projects that focus on problem gambling awareness for peers, families and communities.

For additional resources and to view projects created by previous participants, visit the project website:

Community Involvement 


Gambling Awareness Youth Media Project


Take a look at these gambling prevention videos created by high school students

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