Curious about the warning signs of gambling and gaming addiction?


Think about it. You’re grinding away on your favorite game, suddenly, you realize hours have flown by. Or maybe you’re tempted to drop some serious cash on in-game purchases, only to regret it later when you’re broke.

This quiz can help you identify the signs and symptoms of problem gambling and gaming.

Looking for solutions?


There are tips and techniques you can try to help prevention problem gambling and gaming in your home with loved ones. We developed an evidence based list of 8 things that parents and caregivers can implement to take action and support healthy behavior in your home today.


Daily mindful practices to help reduce problem gambling & gaming

You are not alone.

Help is available.

 Problem gambling and gaming can impact anyone. If you or someone you know if looking for help from a certified helping professional, click on the link below to find a list of certified helping professional counselors to reach out to.

Community Involvement 


Gambling Awareness Youth Media Project


Take a look at these gambling prevention videos created by high school students

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